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  1. App Marketplace

  2. Benefits of Stripe

  3. Beta Theta Pi: What’s the cost to use the MassMailerApp?

  4. Canadian Tax ID

  5. Clearing your Browser's Cache

  6. How Do I Access HQ Docs?

  7. How Do I Add Dues/Charges to My Members?

  8. How Do I Add or Invite Members?

  9. How Do I Assign or Edit Roles and Officer Positions

  10. How Do I Change a Member's Status?

  11. How Do I Change My Profile Picture?

  12. How Do I Connect My Bank Account to ChapterSpot?

  13. How Do I Credit a Member?

  14. How Do I Have Some One Else Make a Payment for Me?

  15. How Do I Issue a Refund to a Member?

  16. How do I join my group?

  17. How Do I Record a Payment by Cash or Check?

  18. How Do I Remove/Delete a Member?

  19. How Do I Set Up a Calendar?

  20. How Do I Set Up Another Bank Account in Stripe?

  21. How Do I Submit a Support Ticket?

  22. How Do I Update Member Permissions?

  23. How to add and undo charges

  24. How to add Slideshow Images to the WebsiteApp

  25. How to Assign WebsiteApp editors.

  26. How to Cancel BluePay

  27. How to Change Website Domain Name

  28. How to Change your User's Email Address

  29. How to Edit your website

  30. How to Re-send Activation Links/Activate Members

  31. How to Reset Your Password

  32. How to Sell Merchandise on Your Site

  33. How to Set Up Helium to Sell Merchandise

  34. How to upload a roster to ChapterSpot

  35. I want to build my chapter website.

  36. Mass Mailer App Best Practices

  37. Messaging Permissions

  38. PKT: Why are some member's who are on the dashboard not appearing on PKTConnect?

  39. RecruitmentPro

  40. What Is Finance Admin?

  41. What is the difference between my ChapterSpot account and our website?

  42. Who are Bill Payers?

  43. Why aren't my events showing up on my website's calendar?

  44. Why aren't my members receiving text messages?

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