Mass Mailer App Best Practices

Our Mass Mailer App was built with simplicity in mind. We wanted you to be able to easily send beautiful, professional emails to the members of your organization, without it taking too much time.

To help make the process even faster, here are a few tips that you can use to craft the perfect email and fully engage your members.  

  • When copying and pasting text from an outside source (Word documents, PDFs, other emails, etc.), do your best to use the “Paste and Match Style” function.

    • Alternatively, if you’ve already pasted text and are having trouble with formatting, use the “Remove formatting” button to keep your text but start fresh with the styling (button shown below).

  • When possible, any images you would like to use should be uploaded from your computer to have maximum control over sizing and positioning.

  • Get familiar with the “Preview Email” button -- it helps you see the progress of the email as you’re creating it.

Variables are short tags that help you personalize your emails so that your members receive properly addressed messages and can access information specific to them.

  • If you plan on using any variables, try completing the email first, then replacing words with the corresponding values in the list.

  • When using variables, be sure to understand what variables are available to you and what they represent. Though the variable list is long, click on the “What do these variables do?” button to see which variables are available and would be most useful to you (button shown below).

If you end up having issues along the way of crafting your emails, as always, feel free to send and email to and we'll be sure to help!

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