How Do I Add or Invite Members?

Note: These instructions vary, depending on the organization you are in and its platform restrictions (some of these organizations include Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Tau). You also need the Invite Members permission in your group.

If you are missing members from your roster in ChapterSpot, there are a few options you have to add them to your group from within the platform.
  1. From the main page you see after logging into ChapterSpot, click the Members tab.
  2. On the right, click the blue "Invite Members" button. (Note: If when you click this button and a popover appears with alternate instructions for inviting members to your group, follow those steps instead so that your members are properly added.
  3. On the next page, fill out the Name, Email Address and the Status this member should have and click Next. (Alternatively, if you have multiple members to add, you can upload a spreadsheet with their information.)
  4. The member's permissions can also be given as you're inviting them, and you can also assign a role to them. If you are changing either of these, be sure to click "Save" before going to the next section.
  5. When all details are set, click Done to finish inviting the member.

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