How Do I Issue a Refund to a Member?

In the event that you need to issue a refund to a member who made a payment on ChapterSpot, we make that really easy for you to take care of.

Note: You must have access to the Finance Admin app to perform this action.

Before you start, you need to have rough idea of the date the payment was made, within a day or two.
  1. Start in the Finance Admin app, and click on the "Payments" tab on the left. 
  2. In the list, find the date that the payment was made, then look for the name of the member.
  3. To the right of that line, there will be a "Refund" button you can click. (Note: If there is more than one payment for the member, make sure you're refunding the correct payment.) 
  4. On the popover, you will be asked to confirm the refund. Click "Refund Payment" and you're all set!

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