How to Set Up Helium to Sell Merchandise

Helium is a really easy-to-use tool that integrates with Stripe to allow your group to sell and accept payment for any merchandise you would like to offer on your website. Here, we'll show you how to connect Helium to your Stripe account and set up your first item for purchase. 

You should already have a Stripe account set up in ChapterSpot before you proceed with these steps. Also, log in to ChapterSpot and open WebsiteApp2 in a separate tab/window.

Linking Stripe

1. Head over to and click "Sign Up". Create an account there and proceed to the next page.

2. Click the "Connect to Stripe" button to begin linking Helium to your Stripe Account.

3. The next page will ask you to create a Stripe account, similar to when you created one for ChapterSpot, but here you will click the "Sign In" link in the upper right corner.

4. Next, simply log into your Stripe account using the credentials from when you added your bank account to ChapterSpot. 

5. To complete the connection, click the blue "Connect my Stripe Account" button. 

Congratulations, your Stripe account is linked to Helium!

Integrating Helium into Your Website 

Note: The next two sections require use of the "Source" mode in WebsiteApp2.

1. In the "Overview" section of your Helium page, scroll down and copy the integration code from the blue box.

2. Go to where you have your WebsiteApp2 open, and click the Pages tab on the left. If you don't have any pages, create a new one to set up for your merchandise. (If you're using an existing page, you can follow these same directions.) 

Click on the "Edit Source" button on the right, above the text box.

3. Paste the integration code from Helium into the first line of the source box. (If you already have content there, insert the code above everything else.) Scroll down and save this, then click "Preview Website" to make the integration live.

***You will need to click the "Edit Rich Text" button to be able to add content and information about your item.***

Note: This code must be inserted into every page that you are planning to list item for purchase, or the Buy Now button we will create in the next steps will not work! 

Adding an Item

1. Go back to your Helium account, and create your first item you would like to offer for purchase by clicking on the "Manage Products" button.

2. Input the details of your product, and click the "Add" button.

3. On the next page, copy the code for the "Buy Now" button for the item you just created.

4. In your WebsiteApp window, go click the "Edit Source" button and paste the code for the "Buy Now" button underneath the content for the item you're selling. Click the save button to save the change.

5. Click the Preview button at the top to have a look at your "Buy Now" button and test it out! Click it to see a nice overlay for the user's cart!

Note: You will need to repeat the steps in this section for each item you would like to add.

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