How Do I Assign or Edit Roles and Officer Positions

Sometimes there's a shuffle in your role positions, so we made it easy to change those roles as needed. Here's how.

Note: You need already have a role that grants you the permission to change edit members, or you need to explicitly have the "Change Members" permission to perform this task.

Start at the Members section.
  1. Click the Roles tab. The settings for the first role are what you will immediately see. On the left you will see the rest of the roles in your group.
  2. Click the role you would like to edit or assign someone to.
  3. In the "Assign Member" dropdown, select the person you want to assign that role to, and fill in the term dates if necessary.
  4. Click the "Assign Member" link to save the changes you have made. You should be all set from here!

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