How Do I Add Dues/Charges to My Members?

Once you are in the Finance Admin App, there are two easy ways for your chapter to add members’ dues to ChapterSpot:

For Members Not On a Payment Plan:

  1. Click the Charges tab on the left hand side, then click the "Add Charge" button on the right.

  1. On the next page, enter who will be charged, amount, title (ex: “Fall Dues”), and the due date. You may charge either by status (ex: “Active”, “Alumni”), circle (ex: “Flag Football”, “Spring Break Group”) or by clicking individual members. 

  2. Click “Create Charge”.

For Members on a Payment Plan:

  1. In the Members Tab, create a circle with only members on the plan. Go to Finance Admin Tab and on the right click "I Want to.. Add a Charge." 
  2. Fill out the page as normal,  but also check the "Split Charges" box. Here you can split the due dates for different amounts, and add as many dates as you need. 

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