How Do I Update Member Permissions?

Some members may have a role that doesn't give them all the permissions you'd like them to have, and some members may need to access more parts of ChaptersSpot without having a full role. This is where the changing permissions comes in. 

Note: You need to have an administrative role, or explicitly have the admin permission to perform this task.

Start in the Members section.
  1. Click the Permissions tab. 
  2. Scroll to find or type the name of the member you would like to change permissions for.
  3. To the right, identify the permission you want to change. Check the box to grant permission, and uncheck to revoke permissions. (Note: Permission with greyed out boxed indicates a default permission for the role that member has, and they cannot be changed.)
  4. Click the "Click to Save" button to confirm any changes you have made to member permissions.

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