How Do I Credit a Member?

You may have a member that is getting a charge waived on their account, or something similar, so you would need to credit them. Crediting an account does not transfer any funds, so it is not the same as refund. It is simply crediting an already existing charge so that no payment needs to be made. You need to have access to Finance Admin to credit a member. To credit a charge for a Member:
  1. Click on the Credits tab on the left. Click the
  2. Click the Add a Credit button on the right. Select the member you would like to credit. (Note: You can not credit a member who does not have balance due.)
  3. Select the charge you would like to credit.
  4. Enter the Credit Title (What you're crediting them for) and the actual amount you're crediting the member.
  5. Make sure everything is accurate, and click Create Credit.

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