How to Edit your website

How to Edit Your Website:

Log into your account
  • Under More, go to the option “Website App”
  •  Click on which page you would like to edit (for example, if you want to edit the home page click home, or recruitment page click recruitment)
  •  Each page has four regions where you can put things: Main Region, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4.  Each design has the regions in different places, but most have four distinct columns or areas.
  • To add something to a region, click the region (after clicking on the correct page) the click on the widget box on the right.  Scroll through the widget options to add what you would like (facebook like, twitter feed, text box, etc).  Remember that the widgets work from bottom up, so whatever you would like to show up first in the region should be the first widget you add on the page (and therefore the last in the column)
  • To add a page go to Pages (on the top menu), then click Add New Page—enter the name of the new page.  If you would like this to be s sub-page, add the parent page you would like it to be placed under.
  • To add any images or media go to the Images & Media tab on the top.  Add any images to the image gallery by dragging or selecting a photo to upload.  These pictures can be placed in the photo gallery widget or in a text box.
  • You can add pictures to your homepage’s slideshow by adding the pictures first to the slideshow images tab under the Images and Media tab. Then go back to the Slideshow tab at the top to choose these images from a dropdown menu.
  • To edit any of the social media links on your site, go to Site Design, Click on Header and edit the links provided. 
  • iMPORTANT: Set the website name and SEO information under Settings so that the proper name is displayed on the browser window and search engines can accurately index your site.


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